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Who’s really behind the campaign for ST3?

The corporations that will directly profit from ST3’s $54 billion tax

The majority (86%) of donors to Transportation Choices (Sound Transit’s Yes on ST3 campaign organization, known as “Mass Transit Now”) are transit industry corporations that directly benefit from Sound Transit projects through million-dollar contracts – and stand to profit even more with ST3.

Between 2007 and June of 2015, Sound Transit has awarded Transportation Choices donors at least $266 million in contracts, including:


according to a KUOW analysis, 83 percent of the money raised by the committee supporting ST3 comes from a handful of companies that have each done at least $2 million in business with Sound Transit since 1997…In fact, as of June 21, nearly every single cash donation to the committee can be tied directly to a Sound Transit vendor…” –
From KUOW article, How do you feel about this, Seattle? Sound Transit donors often get big contracts

Parsons Brinckerhoff

Jacobs Engineering


HDR Inc.





The campaign telling you to vote “Yes” on ST3 is funded by the companies that stand to make millions if you vote Yes.

 Think they care about public transportation? Their only goal is to profit from $54 billion dollars in property, sales and car tax if ST3 passes.