Our goal

For $54 Billion Sound Transit 3 will only provide 1% of all rides in 2040

The Puget Sound Regional Council says there will be 18.9 million rides a day (car, bike, etc.) in the Puget Sound in 2040.
Sound Transit 3 has stated it will only create 204K new rides of these 18.9 million rides by 2040.

We’re not the only ones saying this. Look what the Seattle Times Editorial said on June 18th 2016:

“Board members should consider a leaner Plan B that would continue extending the system’s north and south spine. It should rely more on flexible, rapid buses and less on costly, fixed light rail duplicating current bus routes. As proposed, light rail would get 86 percent of ST3’s capital spending.”

This means ST3 will only provide 1% of the rides for $54 billion
at a cost of over a half million dollars per new rider!

Sound Transit has been promising to reduce traffic since 1996, yet traffic has only gotten worst. ST3, which only adds 1% of transit rides, will not solve this. Their plans take too long, cost too much, and have never reduced congestion. For more information about the extreme costs with low results, visit SoundTransitRevealed.com

Today innovative ideas around ride sharing, driverless cars and bus rapid transit are being developed. But ST3 has little or none​ of these. It’s time to think outside the box. Visit smartertransit.org to learn about ways that we can invest a lot less money to get more effective and flexible mass transit a lot sooner.

Why is Sound Transit pushing so hard for $54 billion if it doesn’t solve our problems?

Take a look at the companies funding the Yes on ST3 campaign…